Anita Bhabi Ki Chudai Shweta Ne Karwai – Part I

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Oh Rahul! I was waiting to get fucked like this…fuck me! fuck me like a whore..oh yes…destroy my pussy…oh behanchod! faad de apni bhabhi ki chut…kitna mota lund hai tera saale…raand hoon na main teri…madarchod…aur jor se chod…ummmm…Rahul…ah mein nikal rahi hoon..ummm..ah..ah..sssssss

My cell phone rang and I saw it’s my girlfriend. Shit! I was just about to cum and this bloody girl ruined everything(I murmured)
Shweta: Hi sexy, good morning!

Me: ummm, kya jaan nind tod di meri. Itna mast sapna dekh raha tha

Shweta: Hello, it’s 10:30AM. Abhi tak so rahe ho, office nahi aana? Main yahan akele akele mar rahi hoon aur tum ho ki nind mein pade hue ho. To aaj kise choda, meri behan ko ya maa ko?

Me: Tum bhi na, itne bade boobs aur tight chut waali gf ho to bhala kyon teri maa behan chodu.

Shweta: hmmm…to chalo utho abhi aur fresh hoke jaldi office aa jao. Yaad hai na aaj Anita bhabhi ka birthday hai? Shaam ko jaldi nikalkar shopping karni hai aur phir ghar aana hai. Chalo utho!

I disconnected the call and checked my watsapp updates. I saw Anita bhabhi has changed her profile pic and status and there was a forwarded joke which I have sent to Anita last night. What the fuck! How did she got it, I murmured (as this joke was composed by my best friend Sameer)..whatever I am getting late to office, thinking this I went to bathroom and had shower and started to office.

This is a how my day starts generally except today is the birthday of the girl for which I have fantasized many times, masturbated and even I have fucked Shweta thinking this is how i’ll fuck her sister in law Anita.

Let me introduce myself. I am Rahul from Navi Mumbai, 26 years, 5ft 11 with an average physique but very sexual since childhood. Generally I masturbate 3-4 times a day or have sex with my gf in every alternate hour (during weekends). I work in a known IT company in a supervisor position. This story is about Anita (Shweta’s own sister in law), who had a passion on me as well and how I got my fantasy came true with the help of my gf- Shweta. She belongs to a family of 5 members with her parents, elder sister and brother (who is working as a Civil Engineer in Abu Dhabi and comes twice in a year) and her beautiful and sexy goddess Bhabhi.

I met Anita bhabhi on the first day I went to Shweta’s home and since then I have an eye on her. Frankly speaking Shweta likes to use all foul words during sex and sometimes she asks me to imagine fucking her mom or sister to get more wild. We have experienced deadly sex-sessions and climax when she asks me to fuck them badly in front of her(only in imagination). But she have never said me any such thing about Anita and hence I never revealed that I have an eye on her bhabhi.

Let’s come back o the incident. I reached office and saw Shweta is waiting near the cabin with her cute smile. I greeted my Manager and passed smile on my team mates and started working as usual. In afternoon, I met Sameer and enquired about the message he sent to me was a forwarded one or if he has sent it to Shweta as well, to which he said no. This started raising several questions in my mind like how did Anita bhabhi got it. Did Sweta sent it to her bhabhi or did bhabhi saw her watsapp messages. I was afraid as I use to send my nude pics and non-veg messages to Shweta as well and what if bhabhi has seen it on her cell. I was thinking not to ask this to Shweta as it may get her some wrong thinking about me.

In evening, we went to Inorbit mall and to my surprise Shweta bought a lingerie, a sexy one piece, one expensive perfume and inner-ware of my choice for her birthday gift to which I offended. She said girl always like to wear such things in life, and it’s unfortunate her sister in law didn’t tried such things before marriage as she was from a conservative family. She said that she is even more unfortunate as her husband comes only twice in a year. She said that she is her best friend now and discuss everything. I get shocked when she said that she is aware about our relationship and sexual life. I wanted to ask her many questions but it was not the time I can ask anything.

Me: Shweta, what should I buy for Anita bhabhi.

Shweta: Nothing. She deserves a special gift from you and I am pretty sure you would like to give her too.

Me: What’s that?

Shweta: Just relax Rahul. Let it be suspense for some more time.

Me: That means you already bought something for me to gift her?

Shweta: (Smilingly) You’ll come to know.

We started from there and reached her home in sometime. It was around 9 PM. She bang the door bell and Anita bhabhi opened the door.I looked at her gazed her clevege for some time. She was wearing a black saari and she welcomed us to come inside.


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